CaseyBugg's Shop Announcement

My shop is contemporary baby accessories, rather than the same old nursery items you normally see. I think a lot of baby stuff is “typical baby stuff” and I think outside the box. I like to take patterns that someone would use for a purse or a shirt and make it into something for a baby.

I call my products “Baby Accessories” to give it a fashion twist, because I like the idea of starting a fashion revolution for babies. I really design my stuff for the baby, not for the adult. Why do grownups get to have all the fun!?

I LOVE custom orders! I love collaborating with people on ideas to create a product that’s unique for them, and that they love. And feel a part of in creating! So if you have an idea for a bib or burp cloth or tutu, contact me and let’s see what we can cook up!

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