CatFountains' Shop Announcement

We create the highest quality, most highly rated cat fountains in the world. We have had many copycats over the years - they take our concept, borrow our designs, even take our story, but because they can't match the quality and beauty of our fountains they fade away. Don't be taken in by our imitators. There is only one Thirstycat Fountains. We are the winner of Cat Fancy Editors' Choice award and have been featured in magazines and radio programs across the country and abroad. We create cat drinking fountains that are 100% food-safe, ceramic and are as pleasurable to have in your home as they are effective and healthful cat fountains. Please read the reviews. People and their cats love these fountains because they work well, are extremely beneficial for your cats, easy to care for and are beautiful additions to your home. And - they really are easy to clean. It takes about 4 minutes once a week. To see a video of this, go here.

What makes ours the best? Apart from using completely safe materials, we also make our own glazes from raw minerals, which allows us to know exactly how much of what goes into them. If you don't make your own glazes you can't know if they contain harmful minerals or too much of any given colorant, which can leach and be toxic. If you are buying a fountain from someone who does not make his glazes from scratch, you are running a risk.

We warrant our fountain against any defects in workmanship and materials. With reasonable care they should last a lifetime, There is a 1 year warranty on the pump, though with weekly care they normally last many years. When they do go, they are easily replaced.

Unlike commercial plastic pet fountains which can give your cats chin acne and contain who knows what, and other artisan fountain makers who don't make their own glazes, ours are completely safe and beneficial. And if you are concerned about the cost, think a moment how much a healthfully hydrated cat will save you in vet bills. These fountains pay for themselves many times over.
For much more information and to see many videos please visit us at

Email: thirstycats [!at]
Or call 518-677-3225 anytime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. (Though there's a good chance you'll find Keith on the weekend too. Give it a shot.)

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