Embroidery Hoop Art, Felt Flowers and Yarn Wreaths

Some of my tools of the trade.
One of muses - my daughter, Zara.
Each heartfelt embroidery hoop art starts with colorful felt that I hand-cut and hand-stitch.
A rainbow of felt.
My simple but elegant packaging was featured on the Etsy Blog here:

Heartfelt Decor to Cozy Up Your Home

I believe that happiness is a practice that must be nourished every day. Every bit helps - from catching up with friends over a latte to hugging your little ones to hanging a bit of happiness on your walls.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a soft-spoken, shy woman of few words. It is a bit uncomfortable to be in the spotlight, but Catshy Crafts has made me step up and venture into that unfamiliar place. It has given me an outlet to nurture my own ideas and creativity, and then reveal it to the world bit by bit. It has given me the impetus to connect with people I never would have met otherwise – from customers to fellow creatives and indie business owners to lovers of handmade. I am still that soft-spoken, shy woman-of-few words, but through Catshy Crafts, my creative voice is just a little bit louder!

My embroidery hoop art and yarn wreaths celebrate happy moments and cherished relationships without saying a word. Using chunky yarns and wool-blend felts, I love to choose happy-making colors and icons like hearts, banners, flowers and thought bubbles to create pieces that add a cozy touch to your home. Each hoop art is hand-cut and hand-stitched, reflecting the warm and thoughtful heart of the giver and the special bond with the recipient.

Each wreath is hand-wrapped and embellished with my signature felt flowers. I also offer personalization and customization of my heartfelt hoop art and wreaths. A name or special phrase hand-stitched on to the hoop makes it even more special.


It's an anagram of Cathy's.
My nickname is Cat.
I'm shy.
I like cats.
My then-seven-year-old daughter approved. (She shot down a lot of other names before I settled on this one!)


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Cathy Pascual
owner, creator, photographer
Seattle-area maker and photographer, Cathy conjures heartfelt wall art out of felt, stitches and yarn to celebrate the everyday and the special days.

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