CauldronCraftOdditys' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my esoteric shop. I'm Grim, the owner & artist of Cauldron Craft Oddities on Etsy. I additionally own and operate the Stone Tree Shop in the Little Shops of Wonderland at the Wonderland Mall in San Antonio. You can also find me at various festivals throughout the year in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

I specialize in handmade organic botanical goods for spiritual and physical cleansing and protection. I create my own organic tinctures, incense blends, soaps, & oils. I use only premium ingredients and work in small batches crafted from my own original recipes. I hand grind my resins & spices, I also grow & wild harvest most of the plants I use. My shop additionally offers rare curios, handmade jewelry, altars, fine art, miniatures, and graphics. I'm blessed to live in a very rich & colorful Texas landscape. I put a lot of heart, thought, and time into what I make and sincerely hope you enjoy what you try from my line.

I work with Spirit in the garden, forests, & crossroads. My primary modes of praxis are Southern Conjure, Pow Wow, Curanderismo, & the Sabbatic Craft.


-Etsy Dark Side Team (search: etsydarkteam)

-Witches of Etsy Team

****Customs & Botanicals****

Customers are responsible for knowing the shipping restrictions, bans, & tariffs in their own region. Certain plants or animal parts may be illegal or require a license. I am not responsible for items that might be confiscated or returned to me on those grounds.

****Concerning Spiritual Goods****

All items are for artistic, ritual, and decorative use. They can be viewed as simply curios or with whatever power you personally imbue them. Using these products should never take the place of professional legal or medical help.

I am NOT responsible if your spiritual intentions are not realized or go astray.

-About botanical ingredients:
I list many known properties for each herb & oil, however you are responsible for fully researching any botanical before use. Plant substances may be toxic in some forms, interact poorly with various medications, or pose a danger during pregnancy and nursing. You consume and apply them at your own risk. I recommend picking up John Lust's "The Herb Book", Catherine Yronwode's "Hoodoo Herb & Root Magick", or Scott Cunningham's "Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs".

I am NOT responsible for any allergic reactions or misuse of my products or supplies.
****Spiritual or Spell Work****

Here on Etsy I simply sell the ingredients for someone to do the work or cleansing for themselves. I do NOT sell spiritual SERVICES online. This includes:

-fixing items for a specific target, although I load items for general purposes
-personalized curses, hexes, jinxes
-personalized healings, blessings

My decision is based on two factors. 1) I don't do anonymous work. Any spiritual work I do for someone is case by case in person choice I make. Unlike some practitioners, I do believe a worker's karma is attached to what they agree to do for their clients. 2)Etsy does not support spiritual work claims.

- All listed items are completed and ready to ship!
- Discount shipping on combined orders! (Note: excludes roomboxes, dollhouses, & large dolls)
- Items will be accurately described and come from a smoke free home. (Note to allergy sufferers: We do live with several fuzzy familiars!)
- International patrons welcome!