CaviarClubMenswear's Shop Announcement

Caviar Club Menswear was born out of the desire for quality handmade functional menswear accessories for the man that cares about the little details in his appearance. Daniel Perez, a Dallas based artist and designer with over a decade of experience in apparel design will debut his new menswear accessories collection Caviar Club Menswear, finally offering others a chance to share in his taste for high-quality and accessibility. You may recognize his name from notable work as a painter, sculptor and chalk artist and now with Caviar Club Menswear, Perez’s eye for detail and craftsmanship come together.

Because the details make the man, Caviar Club Menswear aims to deliver to men fashionable, unique tools to put together a look of confidence and sexy self-assurance. Linked by the tradition and manners of modern, well-dressed men, Caviar Club Menswear is making it easy to say something about yourself, without saying anything at all.

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