Inexpensive & Inspirational Small Gifts

I find myself making Rock Cairns anywhere / everywhere I go!
My supportive, goofy family ~
Aunt Evies 80th birthday gift. The positive feedback I received gave me the confidence to start my business!
I have hundreds of charms, something for everyone! Tell me your interests and together we can create a custom cairn...

My Rock Cairn story

I first heard the word 'cairn' while reading about Stonehenge, a mystical and fascinating place in Wiltshire, England. Pictures of this prehistoric monument, huge erected rocks intrigued me. How did they get there 5,000 years ago and who put them there?

I set out to bring nature indoors and create a little zen garden of my own. I added a decorative charm to my cairn (I was dabbling in jewelry at the time) and.. CedarwoodCreations Rock Cairns was born.

I looked all over the internet to see if anyone was making my style of Rock Cairns (decorated with charms) and could not find any. CedarwoodCreations is the original decorated inspirational Rock Cairn!

"CedarwoodCreations" comes from the street I grew up on "Cedarwood Avenue". It holds incredibly loving memories of my family, friends and childhood.
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
I enjoy making Rock Cairns. I try to sync the cairns and charms to relate to what people are feeling.