CelestialChainmail's Shop Announcement

We make custom chainmail as well as a wide verity of hand crafted unique Jewelry , Armor , Accessories and other creative arts . All the items listed here are made from light weight bright aluminum and anodized ( colored ) aluminum . For any orders on other metals please contact us .

Custom Policy
We welcome custom orders for any chainmail item. We can work out of standard aluminum, bright aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and other materials. Depending on the cost of materials, we may require material cost up front. We can make custom armor from greaves, helms, shirts, full hauberks, you name it. We also make bikini tops, bottoms, club wear, basically anything wearable you can think of made out of chainmail and we will make it as long as we have the proper measurements.

TIME ON CUSTOM ORDERS : We do have to hand run and clip most of the rings we work with and this means it takes time . Large items such as shirts and full armor and armor pieces may take months to complete , also if we have other orders in line and we do not have the items already made this will take some time and we will get to you as soon as possible , always contact us and see where you are in line.
Small items such as jewelry , pouches, key chains and knickknacks will not take but a few weeks and if you are in line behind a big order and we do not have the item you ordered in stock you can contact us to find out where you are in line and if you need this item soon .

Shipping Policy
We ship all items via Certified US Mail. This is to ensure that our orders reach their destination and can be tracked by the customer. We ship all items out of Holt, FL. (Don't worry, no one else knows where that is either) If you order an item that is in stock, it ships within 1-7 business days.( **Breakable Items may take much longer to ship than the normal jewelery and other items**) . Custom orders WILL take longer, depending on the item in question. An estimate on the time to create and ship an item will be given along with a price quote for custom items.

Refund Policy
All of our items carry a lifetime warranty. Simply contact us through either this shop, our email address ( or our Facebook, and send the damaged item back. We will repair or replace the item as necessary, and ship it back to you. We WILL refund the cost of shipping the item to us, but only if a receipt showing the cost is included with the item. *(( We do not do full refund on items purchased we do not take items back that are not broken or damaged . ))*

We pride ourselves on perfection as chainmail artists so all items are very well made and made with care .
Artists for 10 years : Crystal (Angel) , Jordan( K ) ,

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.