CeramicFurniture's Shop Announcement

All designs created by the artist IfatShterenberg are limited editions. Her varied collection includes: garden furniture, patio furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, bar stools, end tables, coffee tables and much more. Ifat specialises in creating custom designs for contract projects such as offices, lobbies, restaurants and hotels,as well as designs for residential projects.

Ceramic Furniture is becoming an essential feature on the modern scene, providing vibrant energy,colour and exceptional refreshing atmosphere - whether you are simply relaxing outside in your garden on a sunny day, having fun with friends in your living room, or going through another exciting day at the office.

The sculptured ceramic furniture integrates the calming flow of nature with modern designs created by the talent of artist, IfatShterenberg, whose skills can transform any space into a unique place.

All the ceramic furniture is made of a unique mixture of clay and glaze, bestowing it with its high quality appearance which looks flexible but is nevertheless almost as durable as rock. The furniture are Hollow and can be created in any colour, shape and texture to suit your own tastes and preferences.

To introduce with some of her work, you are more than welcome explore the shop. Feel free to contact her for any reason.