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From clay to jewellery, hand made beads set together in unique pieces. Inspiring and individual jewellery. Boho-chic, earthly, colorful, feminine, hip, naïve but also contemporary and sometimes tribal, casual, yet elegantly stylish and naturalchic.
I make one of a kind pieces and even if I want to repeat a design, I am not able to make an exact copy because I use only my hands, there are no molds or tools and no already made colors to refer to.
I start from raw clay that I shape, piece by piece, bead by bead and wait till it dries perfectly, then I cook it in my kiln at 1000° for 8 hours or so, then I wait almost the same to make it cool down. When it's ready to handle, I decorate the pieces with colors that I make myself starting from pigments that I mix with glazes. I don't deep my beads into the color for I like a natural and shabby look so I brush them one by one, it doesn't matter how big or small are the beads and how many beads are in the jewel.
I have hand painted till 400 tiny pieces for a single necklace!
After the decoration, the single beads undergo a firing process for another 1 or 2 times more, it depends from the technique that I use for that design and sometime, when I use the Japanese raku glaze, every piece has to be taken out of the kiln whilst still incandescent and put on a bed of sawdust alternating the combustion with reduction of oxygen. Everything is let to cool on open air. Then every piece, small or big will be scrubbed, one by one with a scouring powder such as Vim in order to remove residues of smoke and let the real colors surfacing. Very often I have to scrub my fingers tips to do a good work with my beads.
At this point the beads will have to settle down and rest and only when they will be completely dry I will start thinking of a design that will give them justice!
Yes, nobody can see the time behind a hand made work but everybody can see the outcome.

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