ChadaSoph's Shop Announcement

Customised Gemstone Jewelry. Unusual Gemstone Jewelry. Handmade Gemstone Jewelry. Free Shipping on most items, conflict free mined gemstones and recycled materials.

I love to make jewelry using rare and unusual gemstones. You will find items here that you have never heard of and some more well known. I like to mix and match my ring styles and using different textures and finishes. Im constantly trying things new and trying to remain fresh with my ideas and hopefully my look appeals to you.

Only fair trade and conflict free diamonds and gemstones purchased directly from the very families who mine the stones at the source are used in my jewelry. All diamonds and gemstones are 100% natural and earth mined. We can provide a certificate of authenticity from a US recognized laboratory upon request, we guarantee our product is the real thing.

All items you see are 100% hand made from beginning to end. I don't use stock photos, all images you see are of the actual product for sale.

If you're looking for opal and opal jewelry, we now have an Only Opal shop on Etsy, exclusively for opal.

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