ChampdeFleurs' Shop Announcement

I'm back from a long vacation and, happy to show you what natural beauty products I've been working on. Feel free to read, admire and shop.

- We all want to feel healthy and vibrant. You want your body to be a pillar of health yet, there are those moments when you realize your skin is reflecting something other than vibrance.

Dull and dehydrated skin got you reaching for lotions and gel concoctions, reapplying it every few hours and leaving you frustrated. You’ve tried many commercial products but your arms, legs, and feet continue to crack and flake, while dry patches seem resistant to the products you’re using.

- I am a bath and beauty creator which allows me to offer organic and natural products. I know a lot about hydrating dry skin which makes it easy for me to give you natural products that cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize skin that’s dull, tired and dehydrated. I take the utmost care with each product so you can rest assure that what you’ve received is infused with positive energy and love.

- Sending sample products to previous customers and interviewing them assures that what you’ve received has been tested on those who struggle with the same skin challenges - each feedback is honest. This allows me to provide you with only high quality ingredients for dry skin

- I remember it like it was yesterday, teased in school because my skin left evidence of scratch marks. Scratching those dry areas on my legs and arms felt like the only relief, and this temporary relief always left me with scars.

On my face, I've struggled with acne scars, dryness, oiliness, random breakouts and hyper pigmentation - they are the most frustrating struggles I've had to deal with.

Today, I don’t have to struggle with these issues. I choose foods that will keep these issues on the other side of the fence. And, I use my own high quality natural and organic blends that allow my skin and my customers' skin to radiate health.

I also write and send out bi-weekly emails about tips to having balanced moisturized skin and doing so naturally.

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to start feeling your best again, be excited and confident about taking care of your skin.

Healthy, Happy - Conscious & Beautiful


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