CharlotArt's Shop Announcement

ALL houseware items have been discounted to sell!!! Thanks -Jackie 9/10/2012

I’m Jackie- an artist, wife, and mom in Louisville, KY. My father was an elementary school art teacher and became a stay-at-home-dad after I was born. We did a project every day to give to my mom when she came home from work. We made collages with crayon wrappers, rainbow drawings, and anything around the house that would stick to construction paper with glue.

The joy in the process of creating something has stayed with me all these years. I have a background in graphic design and a master’s degree in business. Experimentation with different media and finding little tricks to make a painting look interesting by adding layers of recycled material is what I do. I’m always looking for new projects and creative outlets besides painting on canvas.

I’ve taught myself basic sewing and I’ve made pillows, book covers, clothing and purses. I’ve also learned how to reupholster chairs. My current projects are up-cycling vintage lamps with a little paint and creating beautiful decoupaged wooden boxes with tissue paper… and my daughter’s help. Maybe you will see some of these creations on ETSY in the future!

Besides making my own mixed media designs, I love, love, love scouring garage sales and my favorite thrift stores in Louisville looking for materials and vintage pieces to display in my home while they are waiting to be sold on ETSY. So that is my confession- all the eclectic housewares for sale decorate my personal space and it is always hard to let them go after I’ve gotten attached to them. If I adore them in my home, I’m sure you will too.

“It is natural for the heart and spirit to take pleasure and enjoyment in all things that show forth symmetry, harmony, and perfection. For instance: a beautiful house, a well designed garden, a symmetrical line, a graceful motion, a well written book, pleasing garments--in fact, all things that have in themselves grace and beauty are pleasing to the heart and spirit”. . . . ‘Abdu’l-Bahá