Chiaroscurodiluna's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop and thank you for stopping by! Chiaroscuro means the artful blending of "subtle gradations of light and shade" and Luna means moon. It is my pleasure to offer to you the seeker of the unique, the charming, the intriguing, and the alluring my handcrafted designs that speak to the subtleties of your spirit as well as the changing gradations of your many moods.

I use quality materials, glass, natural gemstones, and occasionally some up-cycled found and vintage items in my designs. Check out the descriptions of each item for the details. I take special pleasure in creating wire wrapped rosaries and chaplets and I am a proud member of the “Prayers on a Wire” Etsy team and the Pininterested team.

Do come in, look around and hopefully you will leave with some moonlight and magic to wear or share with someone special and then please come again... often.

"She walks in beauty like the night and all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes." Lord Bryon.