ChibiSayuri's Shop Announcement

Hello everyone, my "vacation" was longer than expected due to extreme life changes and health. Though I'm opening the doors again, there will be changes and unfortunately they're not the nicest, but they really help me out!
Orders are now offered only when I make them in spare time, meaning no more made to order items. There also won't be anymore custom/commissions; everything offered will be what is already made. Also, I had to raise the prices on my items. I wanted to offer top-quality items for a low price, but I ended up hurting myself in the end; I have finally decided to charge at least half of what it's really worth making. These items take me many hours and grief to make, so I can no longer work so hard for so very little.
I know that will bum a lot of people out, but for my health (and sanity!) I must not let the shop take so much of my time again. This just means every order from my shop is even more special and rare.


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ChibiSayuri's Shop Policies


I take pride in making things as perfect and sturdy as possible with a reasonable price; I will never ship an item that I find unsatisfactory as a buyer. I list as much information as I can so you're not buying something that won't fit. I enjoy making things, and I hope my buyers will enjoy what they buy.

Please note that I do have cats but it's a non smoking environment.

Please note I can no longer do commissions or reserved listings. Everything is up for grabs for anyone at any time.


I accept Paypal, cards, and checks. Please note that if paying by check, I will not ship the order out until the check clears. When check money has been approved into my account, I will drop the item off at a shipping center.


The shipping cost includes packaging materials, first class (3 day delivery), AND delivery confirmation, which is why my price may be a bit higher than other sellers. I want everyone to receive their package in a timely manner, first class can come as soon as 2 days! My packaging materials include jewelry boxes, tiny bags/plastic bags, tissue paper, and/or bubble wrap. I will NEVER send out a delicate product in something like a regular envelope. I will treat your purchase with care and love, not only because I want it to be safe, but also because I create them myself. I reuse boxes, paper, and anything I can; however, I NEVER use things that are unclean or contaminated. Everything I use, if not new, is inspected thoroughly.

I will ship the item via USPS usually within 48 hours of payment clearing. I do first class shipping which normally arrives within two or three days, but I can do sooner if it's needed. Just contact me with information and we can work it out.

Please note that on Sundays all post offices near me are closed, so some packages can't be shipped until Monday.

I also do shipping insurance on orders over $45 AUTOMATICALLY (not including shipping), however, if you'd like shipping insurance on your order please convo me, preferably before purchase.

If you need an item by a specific date, please note that shipping does take quite a bit longer AND there is customs, which means I must go into the post office itself. International orders will take a few days to guarantee I get into the post office.

Please know that on international orders, I cannot do delivery confirmation.

Refunds and Exchanges

If it arrives in pieces or you're just unhappy with it, contact me within one week upon delivery. I want everyone to enjoy what they buy, so if for some reason it's not up to satisfactory standards, I would love to work out a solution with either an exchange or refund. Please understand that after one week of it being delivered, I will not take it back.

If something broke on your order during shipping, I will gladly ship you a new one OR offer advice on how best to repair it yourself. If shipping you a new one, I will send it out the moment the broken item is sent back to me (or upon completion), no shipping charge. Please note I will never, EVER, ship you something already broke, and I pack it with as much cushion as I possibly can.

Please note that to keep shipping costs down for all my customers, I only charge for shipping and delivery confirmation. If the item does not arrive because of postal issues or is stolen upon arrival, I am not responsible for the loss. Once the item leaves my hand it's all in the postal's, and if they mess up I can't do anything about it. I keep every single receipt and send the tracking number so you will know when it is delivered, if you do not receive it when the postman says otherwise, I cannot do anything about it, but am very sorry.

Last Updated January 26, 2015