ChristianCarreonShop's Shop Announcement

Welcome to PopGear! I'm Christian and I run this little studio. I have an immeasurable passion for design and I love working with clients to get their dream ideas and design to come to life.

I sell pre-made and custom design services for bloggers, etsy sellers, indie crafters and the like.

It is so easy for someone to grab some graphics, colors and type and compile it into a hodgepodge of a design. However, when it comes to making that hodgepodge look beautiful, that's where I come in. I create a design that will be attractive and professional ,while communicating your business' personality and image.

I've seen way too many shops that just plaster on a pattern and some unsightly font and call it a good design. I am different. I make hand-drawn sketches and plan out all my work. After that I spend hours in front of my computer screen, poring over every pixel, making sure that everything looks and is just right.

I hope you find what you need and convo / contact me if you see anything you like!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a splendid day!

pop_gear [!at]