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Welcome to the land of SCARVES, snoods, headbands, and hats....where fun gets sophisticated with a crochet needle! I make accessories that are beautiful and unique. Sometimes you want to be sporty, but sometimes you just want to look gorgeous. It's all covered here, so live it up! I enjoy mixing textures and colors in new ways that surprise. I LOVE the challenge of taking customized orders, because I work hard to go above and beyond expectations. Anything that you see can be REcreated in a couple of days by me in the colors of YOUR choice, or, if you like the color(s) as is, I can mail it to you today!
Nature's color changes keep me motivated to create new scarves and stay versatile. For example, from being a strong, gray and white, stone-cold fixture in the winter ground to a beautiful, blossoming leaf-covered tree swaying in the summer wind and dropping fruit to the warm earth, an apple tree makes me think: "Then why can't I come up with new ideas for people to enjoy?"

50% OF ALL PROCEEDS FROM PURCHASES until July 15th will go to my Multiple Sclerosis SWIM Fundraiser, entitled "The Turtle and the Hare Race for MS"!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend and I are going to "race" in a pool to raise money for those affected by MS.

Check out our site for the MSAA fundraising swim:

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Crocheting lets my mind flow to that peaceful place inside of me where my heart always rests. My fingers catch up (or slow down) to the rhythm and all things are possible. My hope is simply that the items I create end up where they are appreciated.



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Last Updated February 5, 2011