ChristopherModern's Shop Announcement

We've decided to clear out the majority of CM's shop over the next month so we can begin (finally!) a redesign of the shop and it's offerings. You will still find Mid Century and modern treasures however we will adding made objects to the mix. Sometimes you just have to mix it up a bit to keep things interesting! CM

ChristopherModern endeavours to bring eclectic and quality found objects (well...both found and made in our small shop!) So far we've been working hard to build up inventory but finally have time to concentrate on a few ideas and designs of our own we've been dreaming of bringing into the world! We believe that clean simple 'modern' design....from whatever culture or time period it might have originated, is timeless....and frankly not just the prerogative of the very well heeled! The nature of a person's personal environs can change the way he or she thinks, acts and responds to the world. We've learned from experience that a few small changes in our own living space yield benefits we never dreamed might occur. We recycle, reuse and re-purpose everything we reasonably can and try to convince folks that it's possible to live better with fewer 'things'....if they are the right things! Trying to become personally and financially self-reliant combined with involvement in communities like ETSY is something we strongly advocate and support. Thank you for visiting our shop and please let us know how your coming along! Best Regards, CM