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2 months

Had a wonderful opportunity to be included in a Harry Potter themed subscription box! zapfemale_mageskin-tone-3male_sign

3 months

A few Valentine’s Day orders that shipped yesterday! heartsheartshearts

4 months

Just finished a few custom bracelets!purple_heartsparkling_heartblue_heart

1 year

Tons of custom zipper bracelets were shipped out today zipper_mouth_face

1 year

Valentine's Day is sooner than you think! Get 15% off orders of $15 or more before Jan 15. love_letter

1 year

heartsrose soon Get 15% off your order of $15 or more before Jan 15, 2017 bangbanglove_letter kissing_heart

1 year

1000 colorful bracelets to find, take one down, tie it around, 999 colorful bracelets...

2 years

We can't wait for Valentine's Day! Take 10% off your order before 1/31/16 by using coupon code VALENTINE10.

3 years

Enjoy 10% your order off with coupon code FACEBOOK10 now until 11/1/16!