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Hello, welcome to Clintonville Leather.

I am devoted to creating heirloom quality items from the finest full grain vegetable tanned leather from Belgium which is produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. My thinnest non-lining leather is 4-5 oz which is rather thick by the standards of the day for wallet making. To each their own; when I make something for myself I need it to be able to withstand a few disasters. I don't live in a manner which affords me to throw money around every couple years for the same thing. I believe that my customers are of the same ilk. This is not to be confused with any "luxury" label that fabricates unjust prices on poor work most usually while using slave labor. I believe in the equality of all men and women. I won't tell you lies about how I spend SO much time on your HANDMADE item that I am able to send out 10 a day. Or any bullshit at all for that matter. It is very sad when a man is forced to run a business for profit rather than to make an honest name for himself.

I strongly believe vegetable tanned leather is a superior alternative to man made synthetics which pollute our earth. Leather is biodegradable and my items are built with maximum durability in mind so you get back what you invest. We need to rebuild our neighborhoods one piece at a time. I am most proud of my belts. Congratulations to our West Coast friends who made $15 happen.

In the last several years it has been interesting to see the number of my fellow workers spraying their leather with water just to put an ad on it. Unfinished leather and water do not mix in my opinion. I ceased spraying water on production items years ago. (it is sometimes necessary for tooled items with intricate graphics) Water displaces the natural preservatives the tannery uses and leaves the leather crispy. All thinking craftsmen know that animal oils go on animal products and vegetable products go on vegetable goods. I always apply natural protective oils before spraying tooled custom work with conditioned water to avoid cracking.

Walnut oil goes on chairs, olive oil goes on tables. Beeswax and pure neatsfoot oil go on leather. Folks using Mac Donalds scraps might not be as picky. Vegans will have you believe that bears, hawks, eagles, coyotes, pigs, lions etc don't use animal "products" I believe most of all in sustainability and harmony. I believe in conservation of natural resources and have no interest in selling you the next ice age or global warming. My inspiration comes from the natives of our land and not the investment bankers or politicians.

My wish is that my work may make your life less complicated so that you may have more time to foster stewardship and joy within your family and community.

I am proud to offer completely handmade original designs of wallets, belts, cycling accessories and handbags.

Bill Carnes

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