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Hello Everyone

I am Shikha and I am from India. I am the kind of person who breathes life day in and day out. I worked in a full time corporate job for 3 years after completing college before deciding to move on to other interests in life. I am a big fabricaholic and I love collecting different kinds of fabric from various places across my beautiful country. I have a fabric shop on Etsy( ) where you will find tons of fabrics collected from far and wide.
I also love making clothes and other lovely things for all you lovely girls and many of you know me as silkandmore on Etsy( ).
Apart from that, I also believe in bringing out the best of everyone which is the reason I opened this store. My mother-in-law and I do the designing bit and a friend of mine brings our dreams to reality. All this happens in our little home, no big factory churning out countless items by the minute, but some very enthusiastic people doing things they love.
Each item on my shop is a unique piece for which hours of planning, shopping and creating one of a kind designs are involved. Everything that has gone into this shop is my sweat, blood and infinite hours of contemplation.
In all my clutches I show you the fabrics that I selected from my fabric store from which I created them as I love to share how we arrived at each one of them.
I would love to take wholesale orders and if you have any design in mind that you would like to share with us then do let us know.
Well.. happy etsying all of you.. feel free to drop me a line or two about.. well anything really :)

I am visiting my parents who live in different city from 9th to 16th sept; Starting now (8th sept) shipping of all items sold till then will take place once I return.
I will still be having access to the net and will reply to your queries & convos, set custom listings, etc.
Happy shopping everyone.

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