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You are Invited to Explore Clyde Keller's Photo Odyssey-- It's a sometimes wild ride of creativity and serious documentary work spanning over 40 years of photography. At clydekellerphoto you will find Clyde's Vintage, Documentary and Fine Art Photography Listings including his prized Robert Kennedy Collection and Ken Kesey Collection, available as permanent fine art Giclee prints (made on an Epson printer) as well as fade resistant Fuji Crystal Archive photographic prints. In total he has conducted over 3,500 transactions since he began selling on the internet in 2001. As of February, 2015 he is featured in @700 ETSY Treasuries. His stores stand at 100% positive feedback with all customers.


I make all of my Fine Art Giclee Prints with 200+ year permanence.. All prints are shipped in my own custom framing box and are fully insured. I also offer fade resistant Fuji Crystal Archive photographic prints. Please note that photographic or giclee fine art prints are always available for any listed item. If you'd like a custom version please contact me. I'll be happy to accommodate you if at all possible.


Vermont Artist CINDY SOWERS Writes: "What I like most about Clyde's work is that he seems to truly care about the people and places he photographs. His lens, as an extension, mirrors that caring beautifully. As the American photographer Paul Strand said, "It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness." In that capacity, Clyde Keller is unquestionably gifted."

According to photographer WILLIAM BOLING: "Mr. Keller's photographs document America at the very highest level of photographic arts. To be in the moment of the (Robert Kennnedy) Whistle Stop, though the lens of Mr. Keller is to connect with history in a beautiful way. The print was exquisite, the service and responsiveness of Mr. Keller truly outstanding. Mr. Keller's archive is arguably the best value available on the web for the serious photography lover\collector." February 25, 2009.

Israel based artist, IRITH RITA MASHIAH writes: "I agree with every word written by Mr. Boling, and would like to add:

"These days, when the Paparazi invade every privacy of famous and important people in order to satisfy some low instincts of the crowds, Clyde Kellers noble photography stands out in its beauty of preserving the honor of mankind, and by being this kind of artist, he has definitely touched me!" August 27, 2009

Visit her fine art shop, RIO RITA on ETSY

Long Island, New York artist FRED BRANDIS writes: "This wonderful and important photograph (Robert F. Kennedy, Whistle Stop) is not just a moment in time or a single event. RFK represented change as did his brother. I was 21 when this photo was taken. It's meaning endures and we should seek to effect change in the direction RFK wanted to go." February 20, 2010, Fred is known on ETSY as XENASDAD

San Diego author, TERRENCE E. PAUPP Writes: "Clyde Keller has got to be the best photographer in the world. I purchased 12-prints from him that he took of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. This is the best investment that I have ever made. I am glad beyond words to have his photos of RFK. They are the BEST OF THE BEST. I have been an RFK admirer and student of his work for over 40 years. Never before have I seen such great photos which capture the spirit and essence of the man. I am so grateful for Clyde Keller's great work. History will be indebted to him and is already immensely enriched by his contribution and photographic genius. I love these RFK photos more than any other material possession that I own. I strongly recommend Clyde Keller's work to everyone---especially if you admire Senator Robert F. Kennedy."

Author and Photo Editor MARK CHRISTENSEN writes: "Many if not most professional photographers approach photography as a sort of minuet, a formal rigorously controlled dance to snap. Clyde worked much more free form, often not even using his viewfinder, his subjects barely aware of his camera. He'd drift around, talking away, and click, click, click. The result: stunning graphic reality, found and fresh. Real life in black and white." November 22, 2008

Mark's new book, "ACID CHRIST" is published this by Schnaffer Press. I am honored to participate in this project with contributions for the book cover (designed by Jake Keihle) and interior photographs of such notables as Ken Kesey, William Burroughs, Bill Murray, Paul Krassner, Marty Christiansen and Walt Curtis.

ALSO, please see my 1968 portrait of Warren Beatty entitled "Dark Eyes," which is the cover photo in Peter Biskind's new biography on Beatty, entitled "STAR." The Simon and Schuster, UK. hard cover is sold at bookstores worldwide.

My work is featured in a HBO documentary film about the life of Ethel Kennedy by Rory Kennedy. In 2007, Kennedy’s HBO documentary film entitled the "Ghosts of Abu Ghraib" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the 2007 Primetime Emmy Award for Best Documentary. I am honored to be included in this new film.

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