CoinGuitarPicks' Shop Announcement

My name is Ruvane. I've been a musician all my life. I began playing piano, violin, and trumpet at a young age, but it was the guitar that grabbed me by the wrist and wouldn't let go! I've performed all around the United States in venues big and small, and have been recording albums since I was 18. I've always been intrigued by unique and different ways of approaching my instrument from alternate tunings to effects and live-looping.

Any performing musician will tell you that they've used a quarter in a pinch at a gig, but it's sometimes difficult to hold in the original shape, and certainly not smooth on the strings (especially as an acoustic player). When I crafted my first Coin Guitar Pick, I was looking for the perfect way to blend style with unique musical qualities. The first Coin Guitar Pick I made was from a 1992 Washington quarter. It created a crisp, bright feel to the music that is difficult to otherwise reproduce. After that, I began experimenting with coins of different years, sizes, countries, and metal make up. It occurred to me that other players and collectors would be interested in trying these picks as their histories are as unique as the players themselves. Whether you are a beginner, expert, somewhere in-between or just like to collect unique pieces of musical art, I'm sure you will fall in love with one of these picks. If you are unsure which one to choose, look for sentimental years, country of your family's origin or just buy 2! :)

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