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Colby June Jewelry creates exceptional, handcrafted, 14K gold, bronze and sterling silver, nature inspired contemporary jewelry.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Collections:
Pinecone Collection:
The pinecone collection was inspired by a look inward at self, nature, and balance. Throughout history and across cultures, pinecones have been symbolic of inner growth, the third eye, and penial gland. A pinecone is an amazing feat of nature that is organized in a very predictable geometric pattern which is not always immediately obvious. Studying a pinecone gives you the satisfaction of finding order in something that can at first appear chaotic. The intricacies and complex nature of the pinecone, both aesthetically and symbolically, were difficult to process and translate into simple styles and unique pieces of jewelry. For more on the pinecone collection visit our blog:

Leaf Collection:
I had been imagining a leaf collection for quite a while but when I finally had the time to produce the collection it was winter in the Colorado Mountains. This lead me to find dried willow leaves along the irrigation ditch that runs near the Crystal River. The dried leaves poking out of the snow were perfect inspiration. I loved the way they twisted and curled. The leaf veins were more pronounced and I liked the way the dried leaves hung together as a group. They were beautiful and dramatic.

Coral Collection:
Coral Collection is a departure from our signature sticks and stones pieces. This collection incorporates the various textures and form of a single piece of coral. The Coral Collection is a striking juxtaposition of simplicity and intricate detail. These pieces will ignite the urge in all of us to get to the beach and find our own treasures!

The Nest collection: These pieces are representations of the beautiful sculptural homes created by birds. The Nest pieces are one-of-a-kind. I build each one out of wax and then cast them.

Compose Decompose: This collection is a study of sticks and stones. This has been our most popular collection. The smooth and lightly textured rocks feel so soothing to touch while the detailed branch forms are delicate and sensual.

The Grama and Seed Collections: These collections were inspired by Colorado’s native grasses. The detail, intricacy and diversity of all the grasses I photographed hiking in Colorado inspired me to get back to metal working and start my current business.

Commitment to sustainability:
Natural beauty inspires my work and preservation of the environment is of the highest importance. I am committed to operating as an artist and business promoting practices that sustain our environment. All Colby June pieces are packaged in boxes that contain up to 70% PCR content. Each piece comes with a linen (no dye) pouch. All printed materials are printed at, a certified green business. Most pieces are cast by Alpine Casting Company in Colorado Springs. This business is endorsed and used by the following organizations World Trust, Stop Global Warming, and Cool Planet. All metals are obtained domestically meaning they have either been recycled or mined within the United States.

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We take great pride in creating beautiful fine handcrafted & nature inspired jewelry for our customers! And we deliver excellent customer service and attention. Please let us know if we can assist you! We’re happy to help!

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