ColleensCreations' Shop Announcement

I love working with glass and have been melting the stuff for over 20 years making beads, thimbles and glass pens. I enjoy every minute I can get at the torch but I usually get to work in the evening making thimbles and beads. I work in a basement studio in the wilds of Missouri where the cows out number the people!
Recently I've been playing with polymer clay. I started out working with clay before hot glass work stole my heart. I decided to mix the two mediums occasionally, so now I have Lampwork items, Polymer Items and Mixed Media items. I have found that working with glass all those years has improved my prospective and vision when I work with polymer clay. I love working with both!

I also have a line of Organic Grown Hemp pet collars, leashes, harnesses and toys. Made with 100% organically grown and processed hemp we import from Romania coupled with a 100% cotton trim. You can find them at my Etsy shop called Natural Ties at: