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ComfyCreations came about in 2008 through the suggestion of my niece, Christina a graphic designer who lives in Brooklyn. As I am a licensed massage therapist I had been creating therapy wraps for my sessions and clients. Having the opportunity on a home visit, Christina asked to see my therapy wraps and suggested I introduce my products to a larger audience through a Brooklyn based company called Etsy and their website for handmade items. When creating the name for my shop, ComfyCreations I chose this name because the idea for my products are always based on comfort,creativity and relaxation.

The process began with a Kenmore sewing machine and my strong desire to introduce the benefits of therapeutic moist heat healing. My eldest son Michael, owns and operates a custom upholstery shop and took interest in helping me create my sewing studio by building me a huge cutting table! It is reassuring to have his knowledge available for ideas on new projects as well as tools for the sewing trade.

Effectiveness of ingredients is an important factor. Long grain white rice is found to be the most effective for creating moist heat that is needed to deeply penetrate the muscles allowing pain relief. Flax seed and it's high concentration of oil is known for it's ability to retain heat for a length of time. Together these two ingredients bring the full therapeutic benefits of moist heat and retained heat to my therapy products. Aromatherapy is defined as the aromatic therapeutic use of plant extracts from flowers and herbs to promote health and well-being.

Next came the idea to create a neck wrap to offer full coverage over the top of the shoulders and down the upper back. A common area of pain between the shoulder blades. Turning to my husband, James an artist/draftsman with my idea we created the popular, one of a kind design of the scoop neck wide shoulder wrap. Created for flexibility, the scoops design is widest in the center then gradually tapers on each end allowing the wrap to scoop downward over the upper area of the back between the shoulder blades. This allows for specific muscle coverage for pain relief. With this design in place I also decided to trademark the name ComfyCreations and add a professional sewn-in label to each product.

The ComfyMitts original design was developed about two years ago. Having customers with carpel tunnel, RA, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis I put together some ideas to create a set of hand mitts. The final design offers coverage of palm and upper side of the hands encasing the thumb for pain relief and comfort. Length allows coverage of the carpel tunnel area offering relief of carpel bands in the wrists. Because of our high tech world the hands and thumbs have become over used and in need of pain relieve.

After researching the fun new world of designer fabrics my
interior design knowledge took off with many ideas for
coordinating fabrics for my therapy sets. I find this process to be enjoyable as well as bringing function and fashion to each design. Photos, a very important aspect of selling online! With the help of my husband again and his knowledge of lighting he researched photo booths and found the perfect photo tent! My sewing studio is still growing and becoming functional friendly!

The shipping area seemed to fall into place by demand. This area needs to be fully stocked and ready to go! My sewing studio has grown to 800 square feet to house the
inventory for the many yards of designer fabric, supplies of the 50lb bags of flax seed, rice and aromatherapy needs to create my products.

The "hub" of it all is my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine!
A gift from ComfyCreations to upgrade from the struggling to keep up Kenmore! My husband, James once again came to the rescue by finding a large sewing desk/table for my new machine plus all the "other" needed on hand sewing supplies. And of course, my Mac computers are an important part to create my website with speed and quality viewing. Along with the importance of my customer service for continued personal communication. I also create all the instruction and care cards for each product design as well as manage the purchasing and financial aspects of the business.

To my surprise and greatfullness ComfyCreations has grown to include repeat customers, continued new customers and
features in American Style Magazine and Better Homes And Garden. Along with my drive and desire to always create and introduce new products for therapeutic healing I hope to continue the growth of ComfyCreations to bring wellness to those that are burdened with chronic pain.

A sincere thank you to my customers, family, friends and Etsy for the opportunity and support received. I look forward to the coming years to offer reasonably priced high quality handmade therapeutic products.
Kathleen Lee
owner, designer, curator, Sole Proprietor
Dedicated to promote natural healing through the benefits of moist heat therapies

I am a massage therapist and design my therapy products with your needs in mind.
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Fabric Rack
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Cutting Table
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