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Joyfully handcrafted jewelry, jewelry organizers, and all manner of altered art creations handmade with quality, natural, vintage, repurposed, upcycled, & recycled materials are what convoluted notions is all about.

Whether it’s sterling silver, copper, mixed metal, or fiber, each bracelet, pendant, necklace, and pair of earrings I create is joyfully crafted with attention to quality workmanship so that each piece of jewelry is a piece of art. I pour this same joy and care into all of my convoluted notions from earring holders to copper beaded candle snuffers to bloomin’ button bouquets and beyond!

While each of my creations is born of an original idea, none is begun with a completed, predetermined design. Each creation evolves organically as I allow the unique qualities of the materials themselves to suggest how best they should be brought together.

Every convoluted notion is truly a one of a kind.

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