CoopHerbalSalveNSoap's Shop Announcement

CoopHerbalSalveNSoap was born as a natural evolution of a very down to Earth relationship between two Grandmothers, Debbie and Lawana, who both desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring blessings to our families and the struggling rural community in which we live. The name is a play on words inspired by the renovation of a physical chicken coop to be used as a co-op for our products and as a gathering and market place for our friends and neighbors. Our little mountain community in Western Montana is in transition from being mostly timber supported to a post timber economy. As a result, for the last 20 years our community's greatest resource, our children, is being lost to other areas that have the employment opportunities to support them. As grandmothers, we want to make it possible for our young families to stay in the natural paradise they were born in. Welcome to our world, our coop and our co-op! Know that the purchases you make have the potential to bless families who are hard working and eager to bloom where they are planted.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.