Handmade Cards and Paper Crafts

My Workstation:)
Eventually this room will get new paint...until then though, it's pink!
About as clean as it will get on any given day:) Usually it's much worse! :)
He would LoVe to be my helper, but since he drools, he isn't allowed to work in my room:)

Oh, for the Love of Paper! :)

Coop's Crafty Corner began as a venture to help bring in some extra income for our family. I was so scared, but very excited as well to start selling the cards and crafts that I made. I kept thinking, what if no one likes what I make? or what if my husband just says they are good, but he doesn't want to hurt my feelings? :) Funny I know...but it is hard to begin a venture like this, and not worry a little bit about where it might take you.

I look back at some of the items I made when I first started out and laugh! I think I have grown so very much in the past 5 years, with creating products, taking photos, and making my shop look professional. I love what I do. I love working with paper. I have always been the type to gravitate toward the paper section of any store...scrapbook supply, or office supply, it doesn't really matter:)

I began scrapbooking after I met my husband. He had just gotten a digital camera for his birthday, and I basically took over with picture taking, and then needed something to do with those pictures. Eventually, that scrapbooking turned into making cards and other fun things with paper as well...and in 2009 I stumbled upon Etsy!

I spent probably a month trying to come up with a name for my shop, because once named there was no way to change it later. I wanted something cute, memorable, and fitting for me and what I make. Finally, I came up with Coop's Crafty Corner, and found that it fit me as well as my shop, perfectly. :)

The past few years have been a lot of fun for me...and I hope to just continue to grow my business and make quality products for all my customers!
Jen Cooper
owner, maker, designer, I do it all:)
Did I happen to mention that I really like paper? :)

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