CoozyCo's Shop Announcement

COCOOZY IS A BOUTIQUE QUALITY AND STYLE BRAND. We design and make products that are equally functional, useful and beautiful. We are also passionate about providing the best and safest products for children and uphold and support eco-friendly lifestyles!

In our Etsy outlet you will find products meticulously handmade one-of-a-kind and custom gifts and accessories for young kids and babies. We try out new fabrics, products and construction techniques all the time and offer those items to you here at discounted prices.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE SAFE! All of our materials are safe and we have the test results to prove it! We sent our lunch bags and bottle covers to an independent testing facility suggested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and had them assessed to determine which tests were needed for compliance, then they were tested accordingly. Our test results show that our products are safe!

OUR PRIMARY FOCUS is to support the use of glass and stainless steel baby and kid bottles because they are made of the safest materials that will not leach chemicals into your child’s drink. But everyone who gets glass and metal bottles quickly realizes they have a new set of problems - glass shatters and stainless steel dents, sweats and feels uncomfortably cold and hot! Both these problems are serious enough to actually discontinue the use of these bottles for safety reasons or discomfort experienced by your child. Our goal is to bring back the peace of mind with a simple and functional accessory – a bottle cover.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please give us feedback on anything that comes to mind - your favorite prints, colors, products, any improvements suggestions, any features you like or think are missing, etc.

Find more products and info on our main website at Cocoozy(DOT)com.