CottonCocoon's Shop Announcement

♥♥ Turkish Towels: A totally new bath & beach experience! ♥♥ I welcome you to share my passion for Turkish Peshtemal Towels! ♥♥ Turkish Towels (Peshtemal) offer a novel and aesthetic form of comfortable living; you will find original color combinations and patterns in my shop... So, please take your time, and enjoy! ♥

♥♥ Peshtemal Towels are made from 100% natural cotton, and have been produced on hand-woven looms in Turkey for hundreds of years. Their great performance and artistic design have resisted the modern technological advancements and mass production of standard 'Terry Towels'. Because Peshtemals are hand-woven, on looms that are difficult to operate, production quantities are small, which makes them even more valuable. Some find that Peshtemal Towels are very collectable, and form beautiful collections... I'm one of them : )

A Little Story : In the past, when a person from one region of Turkey visited a hammam (Turkish Bath) in another region, the locals there would recognize his or her origins from their distinctive Peshtemal towel. (Designs and colors vary from region to region due to the local motifs and natural dyes available). What a lovely way to be introduced to others!

♥♥♥ You may find similar looking Peshtemals with different price tags... This may cause some confusion for a new Peshtemal lover... Let me give you couple of hints;

: The number of knots, the size, and the thickness of the thread are reflected in the price!
: The tassels in the fringe at either end of a ‘Peshtemal’ are a good place to look for this. Generally, on a good quality example, there should be more threads per inch (of an even nature), and the tassel should be soft to the touch.
: Widely spaced and uneven threads, that are coarse and rough in texture, will usually indicate poorer quality.

♥ Beach lovers ♥ surf lovers ♥ lovers of color ♥ lovers of texture ♥ lovers of the ethnic and the aesthetic ♥ yoga lovers ♥ travel lovers ♥ lovers of originality ♥ lovers of design and lovers at home ♥ CottonCocoon has a Peshtemal for everyone... If you have any questions you are welcome to send a massage whenever you wish... Thank you!

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