CottonandEmbers' Shop Announcement

Happy Holidays, everyone! So sorry my shop had gone to sleep for a while... I took about a year hiatus in order to move and go back to school for my Masters and am finally able to kick back into gear! Please feel free to roam my shop and look at all the fantastically priced holiday gift items I have for sale. Absolutely everything that I sell is handmade by myself, or my mother with great attention to detail. Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated. I sincerely hope you take a peek through what I have to offer, and have a fantastic and WARM holiday season! :)

Our blankets for babies are cuddly soft and crocheted with great care. The large array of patterns and colors are perfect for every baby. You can not go wrong! The quality and reasonable pricing of our blankets is what we take the most pride in. Each is made with great care by my mother, who has shown me that time and love should go into absolutely every project.

For the little writer in your family, try any one of my unique and entirely made from scratch handmade journals. They are delicately wrapped and presented to look great for any occasion. The fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking or a gift basket! These books are created with great care and are sure to become a treasured part of your bookshelf.

SPECIAL FOR THE HOLIDAYS: In addition to the every day journals I've made, I am adding a large series of "Letters to Santa" books for children. When I was a child, my mom would have me write a letter to Santa each year and place it out with his milk and cookies (haha... well, beer and pretzels as my father said that what Santa REALLY wanted was that!). I regret greatly not being able to take a peek at the letters I wrote from so long ago as they have gotten lost or thrown away over the years. The thought popped into my head to create a small journal for children to write their letters to Santa in year after year. Then, once they grew up, they would be able to look back at each of their letters and feel that holiday magic once again!

Last, but certainly not least, please check out my handblown glasswares. I went to Salisbury University and graduated with my degree in Hot Glass Blowing in 2011. I'm very proud of how far I've come, and cannot thank enough all of the people who helped me follow my heart down this creative and unique path. Each piece's individual beauty is sure to make a stunning centerpiece for any table! Our vases are also perfect for displaying a bright bouqet for Mom or Grandmom!

Warm wishes, and quality guaranteed.

Happy Shopping and Happy Autumn!
Danielle :)