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Announcement   Interested in Autumn, Nautical, Chevron or French themed items? Just pop one of those key words into the search box and you'll find a variety of great themed items!


Interested in Autumn, Nautical, Chevron or French themed items? Just pop one of those key words into the search box and you'll find a variety of great themed items!


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Last updated on December 13, 2011
A focus on Quality Materials. Luxury. Craftsmanship. Uniqueness. Personal Style. International Inspiration. Vivid Color.


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My philosophy is unique jewelry for everyone, and I mean it. I want you to be completely satisfied with the jewelry you wear. All women have a right to walk around looking fabulous, and the pieces with which you adorn yourself should be individualized, a way of expressing yourself to the world. For this reason, I am happy to make adjustments and do commissions from scratch. If you see something you like but need it tweaked so that it becomes the perfect match for YOU, message me and we'll work it out. I love a challenge, and I love using individual people as my inspiration. You will note that I revel in combining traditional jewelry elements with contemporary innovation, staple luxury materials with lesser known or lesser appreciated stones. My belief in using the entire spectrum of stones and beads available to me results in unique, individual, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is a beautiful tool for self expression. I believe in the two-fold beauty of lower grade stones - their imperfections lend them greater personality while their affordability allows me to grant my customers greater access to a rainbow palette of stones. Nevertheless, I consider my jewelry to be of the highest quality because I hand pick all of my stones and materials for their inherent beauty, interest, personality and structural strength while meticulously testing the integrity (durability and comfort) of each piece before considering it finished.

While I am primarily a jewelry artist, I have been knitting for fun since childhood. My hope is to add occasional textile designs into the mix that follow the same principals to which I adhere in my jewelry design: Unique, personal and individual flare; international inspiration; gorgeous materials; and a one-of-a-kind, handmade touch with loving care. I use luxury fibers in much of my textile art, working only with the most premium wools, mohairs or rayons and seeking out unique blends containing yak down, buffalo, camel, muskox, bamboo and corn. I also rely on classic luxury materials such as silk, 100% pima cotton, alpaca and cashmere. I work with hand-dyed yarns from small local farms for an especially unique, home-made flare but also incorporate foreign imports (Uruguay, Peru, Italy) into my fiber palette. The result is a handpicked fiber recipe sure to please your skin and tantalize your eyes. These fibers may raise the expense of some of my items in comparison to similar Etsy items made with more common or cheaper materials, but trust me when I say you will feel the difference once your item arrives. As an artist purchasing raw materials for my work I truly believe the end result is well worth the investment.

I have also recently added stationery to my store. My stationery is hand stamped and heat embossed for extra vivid color, greater texture and a more professional finish. While the stamps I use are fit for use over and over again, my unique design combinations, international influences and use of color replicate the design principals that I put into my wearable art. Meanwhile, the nature of hand stamping and hand embossing is such that no two cards will ever be exactly alike. I revel in the differences between each stamping - the amount of pressure and pressure distribution, the thickness of the ink, the heaviness of the embossing powder I use and the amount of heat applied. Sometimes the stamping results in a mere, ephemeral impression of something that was once there; Other times the stamping results in a strong, vivid, picture perfect image while yet other times a thick application of ink creates a dark, Rorschach shape with a familiar image barely peeking through the negative space. It's always a pleasant surprise.

My pricing is based on two simple factors: cost of materials and labor-intensiveness. When an item is toward the higher end of the spectrum you'll know that it is made with gorgeous materials and intricate detail. If you're in love with a piece but it's not in your price range, talk to me. I will devise something similar using more affordable materials or a simpler design that requires less labor, and I will find a way to make you a beautiful piece in a range that you can afford.

Accepted payment methods

  • Accepts Etsy gift cards
I expect 100% payment up front before I ship. If you need time to make payment, let me know, as I am happy to keep a piece on hold for you for a reasonable amount of time. I am also happy to work out an installment plan, provided that all installments are made prior to shipping of the item. Any such agreements must be done in writing via the Etsy private message system or e-mail.

The state in which I operate does not require me to charge sales tax on items sold online. Furthermore, in the state in which I operate the end user of an item acquired online is responsible for rendering sales tax to the state government when the selling party does not charge sales tax. This is called "use tax." Depending on what state you live in, you as the end consumer may be responsible for paying use tax to your state government on online purchases. Please see the following article for further clarification:

I love commissions and challenges, and this includes coming up with donation pieces designed specifically for charitable fundraisers or art shows. Please feel free to contact me with requests for donations/submissions. Publicity is often a great form of payment. Even if your charitable fundraiser doesn't offer a lot of publicity, I am always inclined to donate to a good cause. Depending on the situation I may or may not ask you to cover the cost of shipping.

I am also available to do selling parties in the D.C. Metro area. This includes jewelry parties as charitable fundraisers. For such events I do wholesale/retail pricing - I keep the wholesale and the difference between wholesale and retail (typically 2 to 2.5 x wholesale) goes to your cause.
I ship my items USPS first class unless otherwise agreed upon. I generally provide a USPS delivery confirmation number with all my items. I take care in packaging items to prevent damage in transit. The type of packaging will vary depending on the fragility, size, weight and needs of the particular item.

Delivery confirmation is normally a 70 cent flat fee for first class mail items greater than 3/4 in. in thickness. First class mail that is less than 3/4 in. thick does not qualify for delivery confirmation. In order to receive delivery confirmation on an item that is less than 3/4 in. thick, shipping must be upgraded to priority mail, which is more expensive. For this reason, I do not provide delivery confirmation numbers for items that are less than 3/4 in. thick after packaging. This refers to stamped journals, as thin jewelry items are rolled in bubble tape and thus are more than 3/4 in. thick when packaged. If you have purchased a journal and would like delivery confirmation, please contact me and I can edit the shipping cost.

Please see my return policies regarding items that are damaged in transit.
For items that are lost in transit through an error of the postal carrier, my default policy unless otherwise negotiated prior to purchase is to split the difference (refund to the buyer of half the purchase price). I reserve sole discretion to determine when exceptions are appropriate.
Refunds and Exchanges
In the event that an item arrives damaged or becomes damaged after arrival because of faulty craftsmanship, you can choose a full refund including shipping cost, store credit for the amount the item cost plus shipping, or an attempted repair. In any case I will ask you to send the item back to me, but I will pay the cost of shipping. If you choose the repair option and I discover that the item cannot be repaired you may choose either a full refund or store credit. I will pay the cost of shipping a repaired item back to you. I presume that an item arrived damaged or was damaged because of faulty craftsmanship if you notify me (by Etsy private message or by e-mail) within 3 weeks date on which I originally sent the item. I reserve sole discretion to deny a refund or store credit if it is clear to me that the item is not damaged or that the item was intentionally damaged in order to secure a refund or store credit. If you contact me more than 3 weeks after the postmark date on the envelope in which I originally shipped the item, I presume that the item did NOT arrive damaged and was NOT damaged because of faulty craftsmanship. When an item did not arrive damaged and damage did not occur because of faulty craftsmanship, I do not guarantee that you will be able to receive a refund or store credit.

I offer lifetime reasonable repairs and adjustments, regardless of the cause of damage or reason for the adjustment. I reserve sole discretion to determine what repairs and adjustments are reasonable. After three weeks from the date on which I initially ship a newly purchased item to you, as described above, you will become responsible for assuming all shipping costs necessary in order to obtain repairs or adjustments. If we live in the same area, I am happy to discuss the possibility of an in-person exchange though this is not guaranteed. If the requested repair or adjustment requires additional materials, I may charge you for the cost of such materials. I will not charge for labor.

This is my blanket return and exchange policy. I am willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis in order to achieve maximal customer satisfaction, however I reserve complete discretion in determining when to deviate from this policy. Exceptions to the policy detailed herein are NOT guaranteed. Unless I specifically indicate that an exception applies in your situation please assume that the policies enumerated here apply.
Additional policies and FAQs
I have wholesale and consignment experience, and am always looking for more retail establishments to showcase my work. Please get in touch with me to work out a wholesale or consignment agreement. If you are interested in hosting a "jewelry party" in the D.C. Metro area please private message me to work out the details. I am happy to loan my jewelry at no cost for gallery shows, fashion shoots, installments, articles, etc. which provide publicity. Please contact me to work out an agreement.