Covette's Shop Announcement

Covette is classic design with unique bits and bizzles to set it apart from the crowd.

I embellish designer shoes, mostly of the high heel variety, and cover them with swarovski crystals, classically in one color or sometimes in colorful designs. I am a perfectionist, no misplaced stones or gaps. The quality of my product is far above other folks doing similar techniques. Just compare the pictures. REALLY, there is no comparison.

Custom requests are welcome but because I can only afford to do this as an after work hobby and I am a perfectionist, embellishing a pair of shoes can take me about 1 - 1.5 months but the results will speak for themselves.

**I do not make the shoes that I embellish**

Bow Ties:
Feel free to request anything. I'm probably game. Shipping is quick and easy too.

Paper Goods:
Same deal as bow ties, you dream it and we can make it happen. You and me...a Homer and Marge, Finn and Jake, Segfried and R...oh, oh no
not like that last one.