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Until I find a new home where I can create my candles, soaps and salves I will be working on quilted items. I will not be selling candles for a little while. My 86 year old mother has had to move in with me and I just do not have the room. Turns out that the 6 acres I was in the process of buying had a drain tile going onto the land I was buying - draining farmland runoff. Not a place I want to live let alone grow plants to use in my products. So the search goes on. I love knowing where and how my ingredients are created.

I use only certified essential oils in my body care products - no non certified essentials or fragrance oils. Candles do have fragrance oils that have essential oils in them also.

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Greetings and welcome to Covington Creek Candle Company located in Historic Fort Wayne, Indiana. My philosophy is to bring you premium local and organic products. I have over 200 fragrance oil scents-fragrance oils do contain man-made chemicals. I have several style candle jars and now featuring wicks made of wood in the 4 and 8 oz travel tins and the 8 to 16 ounce glass container.

The lotion bars/salves are preservative free. My handcrafted cold process soaps are created in small batches to ensure you receive the best product possible.Cold process soap produces a denser soap that does not dissolve as fast as a heat processed soap (heat creates air bubbles that stay even as the soap cools letting it dissolve at a higher rate). Soaps are made with natural ingredients and I always use organic when possible. Essential oils are not diluted with the exception of the Jasmine that is infused into grape seed oil at the manufacturers. Creates an economical way to get that great scent and the skin benefits of the grape seed oil.

Another great article in Fort Wayne Monthly August 13, 2012 edition about my candles!

My thanks to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette for the honor of being the only candle company that they recommended to its readers (in the Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 Living Section front page) for Autumn scents! Here's the link for that article.

Also my thanks for the great article about my company published in the Fort Wayne News Sentinel. This article focused on a green life and how I am striving to produce organic and natural products using local ingredients. To view this article go to:

WEDDINGS: Have you thought of giving one ounce soaps (I can do heart shaped), soy or beeswax votive as wedding favors? I have seen a huge increase in this in my regular website and now here on Etsy. They are a great natural, renewable and inexpensive wedding favor. A great addition to the "green" wedding or party. Soy votive are a great way to go.

My products are not available for wholesale and fundraising at this time but hopefully will be again in the future. Everyone today is concerned with maintaining or improving his or her health. Your target audience will appreciate the fact that you offering a healthy product. All ingredients are natural and/or organic. The exception is some fragrance oils Most of my fragrance oils do contain essential oils also but pure essential oils have EO after the name. All are renewable resources. The glass containers can be recycled. Better yet - point out they can be refilled with lotion, liquid hand soap, etc.

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