CowboyBallerina's Shop Announcement

~*~ My name is Alaina and I'm 5 years old. I love to paint with my fingers and an old brush that my mom gave me. My favorite colors are pink, blue, purple, and orange. And sometimes green. My shop is called "Art With Heart" because all of the money we earn will go to the Child Life Program at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Hospitals are scary places sometimes - I know 'cause my little brother, Owen, was born with some defects of his heart and had to have surgery TWICE! and stay at this hospital. The doctors and nurses are the bestest there, and they helped my brother a whole lot, so we want to give back to them as a thank you. The money from my art will be used to buy books, toys, snacks and other stuff that will make the kids at the hospital and their moms and dads who have to stay there a little bit happier and a little less scary. If you want to just donate money instead, please go to and click on "GIVE NOW". Thanks, I hope you enjoy my art! :) ~*~