Just finished. A log cabin miniature wall hanging.
Spinning Pinwheels won a blue ribbon at the county fair.
Harvest Pumpkins being quilted.
Houses, stars and churn dash being quilted.
My sewing studio. My retreat.

Quilting Over the Years

I've always loved working with fabrics and colors. My fascination for history draws me to different periods of design and reproduction fabrics from Civil War, Life on the Prairie, the 20s 30s up to modern fabrics and designs of today. Have to admit I have a special love for the Civil War and Prairie Era. I give every quilt special attention to fine detail, quilting, and embellishments. Some of my miniatures have more pieces than most larger bed quilts being produced today.
My studio overlooks the Rocky Mountains and is mostly snow covered. But spring brings the wildflowers (violets, arnicas, balsamroots, lupin). From this I draw my inspiration. Wild animals wander through. Today a female elk came by, I called her Miss Daisy. My store banner is that of a coyottee that swung by for his picture. Other visitors include a black bear, bald eagle, wolf and best of all a moose. We just nod to each other and go on our way. I live 80 miles from shopping so my fabric stash and supplies are always plentiful. I have an ongoing list of supplies for my next trip to town. My customers are my biggest pleasure. I enjoy their feedback and pictures of the homes my quilts decorate. I have done special orders and even decorated homes with my quilts and made lots of friends.
owner, maker, designer
Hi, I'm Judy and I started my Etsy store in 2009. My husband, Great Danes and I retired to the NW Mountains of Montana where I pursue my love of quilting and my husband his love of writing and electronics.