CozyCritterCreations' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Cozy Critter Creations where you will find unique, original and handmade custom creations for your pet!

I specialize in customizing unique cozy accessories for your pets wire crate.

I began simply with a strict desire to secure the comfort, security and safety of my own pets that I love and enjoy very much!

Honestly, my dogs hated to be in their crates. I always had to bribe them and cover them with an ugly old sheet! Everything was always a mess which I also hated but actually led me to create my first wire crate cover!

However the crate cover looked pretty good and ended the mess! I was even more amazed to find that I could leave the crates open and find both my dogs frequently sleeping inside their crates during the day!

I had to make these for other pet owners!!

Now here is why you need to cover your pets wire crate!

Covering your pets’ wire crate minimizes distractions and provides them with a safe cozy place to retreat and relax whenever they please.

It also comes in handy when you and your pet are on vacation or anytime you are away during the day or night and they need to be comfortably, confined and quiet.

Designed to surround the outside of your pets wire crate this cover also provides them with a secure cozy den like feeling.

It offers a pleasing solution for those who prefer to keep their pets inside their home or apartment but do not want to cover their wire crate with an unsightly old sheet, blanket or an old worn out towel! (Remember I told you about this!)

In order to give your pet more visual access each individual drop down side panel can be lifted up and placed over the top panel or tucked under it as desired.

You will always have full access on all four sides to either open or close the view of your pet’s distractions.

(Your pet will love their privacy and you will love this unique new look for your home!)

Also unique to the design of my covers are the pleated corner insert panels that can be added or removed as desired.

Like the cover each insert is totally lined for increased security and durability.

Each inserts can be easily and securely added to any corner of the cover when needed to neatly close up those peek through corner gaps and quiet your pet from any unwanted distractions or drafts.

Covering your pets wire crate gives them a comfy place to cozy into and you won’t be tempted to hide their wire crate under a counter or in a back room somewhere out of sight! Instead it’s now going to look suitable for any room in your home!

I have a lot of fun with my creations and try to put the same amount of fun along with a lot of love and pleasure into every item I design and customize for each customer and their pet.

As a customer you are guaranteed complete satisfaction with whatever you purchase from my shop or your money back!

My shop items are as unique as my customers and their pets! If an item is not the right size or color you are looking for I will customize it to accommodate the correct size or a particular color scheme that best fits into your individual home décor, your pets personality or even the room where you keep your pets crate.

I can also appliqué your pets name on any customized item if requested!

Please keep in mind that I will gladly work with you to create an unforgettable and lasting design that is totally distinctive to your home environment, as well as, the comfort of that special little fuzzy critter that has also taken up residence in your heart and home!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my shop and convo me if you have any questions or request!

Have an awesome day!

Marie Adams
The Keeper of Cozy Critters

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