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Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads & Pantyliners

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Jenn Marie

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Jenn Marie

Reusable Pantyliner (8" Light - Moon Flannel)
Reusable Pantyliner (8" Light - Watercolor Minky)
Reusable Panty Liner (6" Light - Owl Flannel)
Reusable Pantyliner (8" Light - Majesty Minky)
Cloth Pad Wet Bag (Electric)
Reusable Sanitary Pad (10" Heavy - Chick Minky)
Reusable Panty Liner (6" Light - Blue Jersey)
Cloth Menstrual Pads (10" Moderate - Set of 5)
Reusable Period Pad (12" Heavy - Jade Flannel)
Reusable Pantyliner (8" Light - Sky Minky)
Reusable Pantyliner (8" Light - Chick Minky)
Cloth Pantyliners (8" Light - Set of 5)
Reusable Menstrual Pads (10" Heavy - Set of 5)
Washable Pantyliner (10" Light - Moon Flannel)
Cloth Pantiliners (10" Light - Set of 5)
Cloth Pad Wing Extenders (Set of 5)
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5 out of 5 stars

kedybee on May 23, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

Shipped this out the next day and received my order very fast. Super soft and comfortable, very absorbent, and stays in place! Really cute pattern too. I am going to purchase more.

Molly Moy

Molly Moy on May 20, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

Bought a starter set last year and loved them! Definitely one of my favorite places for cloth pads! :)

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Why switch to reusable menstrual products?

They’re good for our bodies.
Most disposable pads and tampons are made from bleached plastic and wood pulp, then coated in absorbent chemicals before being placed directly against our most sensitive areas. Reusables enable us to eliminate much of our exposure to those irritants.

They’re good for our planet.
It’s estimated that a person will use about 12,000 disposable pads or tampons in one lifetime. That’s obviously a substantial contribution to landfills, but it also requires massive amounts of energy to constantly manufacture, package, and distribute these products – all so they can be used once for a couple hours. By switching to reusables, we can dramatically reduce both the resources used and the garbage created.

They’re comfortable.
Our underwear aren’t made from paper or plastic, so why should our pads be? Disposable pads have a plastic backing that traps heat & moisture, creating a sweaty breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Plus, there’s that scratchy texture, the glue that sticks to everything, and that crinkly sound when you walk. Soft, fuzzy cloth just feels nicer!

They’re economical.
A lifetime of disposable pads & tampons can add up to thousands of dollars for a single person. While cloth pads certainly cost more to begin with, they last years rather than hours, making them a great investment. Plus, when your period catches you by surprise, you’ll never again have to make a late-night trip to the store!

They support small business.
Disposable pads & tampons are almost entirely manufactured by huge multinational corporations. Their profits depend on customers believing there's no choice but to buy disposable products month after month for decades, so brands spend millions of dollars reinforcing this myth - especially among young girls. Meanwhile, reusable menstrual products are generally made by small, ethical, woman-owned businesses (like ours!) that view their customers as people, not profit centers.

They’re period positive. (And pretty!)
After switching to reusable products and taking more direct responsibility for their menstrual care, people often find that they have a better appreciation & understanding of their own bodies. Plus, with cloth pads available in an infinite variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, there's something to fit every preference. Maybe periods will never be exciting or fun, but if a cute pad can brighten up those days just a little, perhaps it can improve our attitudes about our bodies all month long!


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  • Jenn Marie


    Since I started Cozy Folk in 2011, I've shared the comfort of cloth pads with thousands of people around the world. In my free time, I love exploring nature, visiting the farmer's market, and tackling a never-ending list of creative projects.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I wash my cloth pads?

It's easy! Briefly rinse or soak your pads in cold water if you'd like, then machine or hand wash (cold water) with your other laundry as usual. Air dry or tumble dry on low to medium heat. Avoid bleach, fabric softeners, and harsh stain removers.

For detailed care instructions, please visit:

How many pads do I need? Which size should I choose?

Most people like to have enough pads that they can wear each pad once during a cycle, then wash them all together after their period ends. For an estimate, count the number of disposable pads/tampons you currently use in one month.

If you already use disposable pads, the best way to determine your perfect size is to measure one of your existing pads top to bottom, then choose a cloth pad of a similar length.

If you haven't used pads before, here are some general guidelines:
Petite adults & teens: 6" pantyliners ~ 8" day pads ~ 10" overnight pads
Medium adults: 8" pantyliners ~ 10" day pads ~ 12" overnight pads
Plus size adults: 10" pantyliners ~ 12" day pads ~ 14" overnight pads

Check out our detailed buyer's guide:

What do the different absorbencies mean?

Light Flow (Pantyliners): For discharge, spotting, menstrual cup backup, or very light flow. Pantyliners have an absorbent core of one layer flannel and are designed to be extra thin. After washing, they'll dry very quickly.

Moderate Flow: For most average days of your period - and heavy days too if changed frequently. Moderate flow pads have an absorbent core of one layer bamboo fleece & one layer flannel. After washing, they'll dry about as quickly as your other laundry.

Heavy Flow: For the heaviest days of your period, overnight, or postpartum. Heavy flow pads have an absorbent core of two layers bamboo fleece & one layer cotton flannel. After washing, they may take a bit longer to dry than the rest of your laundry.

Should I choose flannel, minky, or jersey?

Flannel is probably the most popular cloth pad fabric: it’s natural, thin, breathable, and fuzzy-soft like pajamas. If you’re looking for a simple, comfortable pad, flannel is a great choice.

Minky is a synthetic, stain-resistant fabric that resembles mink fur, so it's super soft and easy to clean. Minky is slightly thicker and warmer than other fabrics - but it's still far more breathable than disposables. Its silky-soft texture is perfect when you want to feel pampered.

Jersey is a synthetic, stain-resistant fabric used for athletic apparel, so it's extremely thin, lightweight, and breathable. Jersey's special wicking fibers quickly move moisture down into the absorbent layers, keeping you dry.

Will my pad leak? Does it have PUL?

Cozy Folk pads are backed with premium moisture-repellant fleece as a softer, more breathable alternative to polyurethane laminate (PUL). Assuming you use the appropriate absorbency pad & change your pad within a reasonable amount of time (about as long as you would wear a conventional disposable product), leaks shouldn't be an issue. However, if it’s your first time using cloth pads, you might prefer to wear them only at home for a couple days while you become familiar with them.

When will my order arrive?

Most orders are prepared for shipping within 3 business days; you'll receive an email with tracking info once your package is on the way. Packages within the US take another 3 - 5 days to arrive, while international shipments can take several weeks.

Can you make me a custom order?

To keep prices low & processing times fast, we're unable to offer custom made-to-order items or alterations - but with 180 unique pads to choose from, we hope you'll find something you like!

If you'd simply like to purchase a certain combination of pads not already listed together as a set, we're always happy to set up a listing for you - just send us a message with the quantity/length/absorbency of pads you'd like. When purchasing 5 or more pads together as one set, a 10% discount is included in the price.

Are Cozy Folk pads vegan?

Absolutely! Everything sold by Cozy Folk is always 100% vegan, containing no wool, silk, leather, or other animal products.

Are Cozy Folk pads FDA registered?

As required by law, Cozy Folk LLC is registered with the Food & Drug Administration and is compliant with regulations of menstrual products sold in the US. (Please note that this should not be confused with "FDA approval," as the FDA does not officially approve or endorse any menstrual product.) While you might find cheaper pads elsewhere, you can be confident that Cozy Folk is a legally operating small business committed to offering safe, high quality cloth pads. You can view our registration here:

Still have questions?

Please read our detailed FAQ at - or send us a message! We're always happy to help!