CozyLittleHouseShop's Shop Announcement

Once upon a time, there was a quilter that attended quilting bees. At one of these meetings, she saw her first old Singer Featherweight sewing machine. They are small but very sturdy. She was enthralled. But the prices were way out of her budget. For they are much sought after.

Then a few years ago, she was in her local sewing machine repair shop, and spotted one of these gems in his crowded little shop.

She could not afford the $350 price. But the owner, an older man, let her put it on layaway. After several months time, she was able to pay if off and bring it home.

I will always remember the man who sold me my beloved machine, though he has since died.

I sit down at my sunlit table covered with red and white oil cloth, and magic seems to happen with this little work horse. It is my inspiration, for it just keeps on keeping on. Day after day.

As dusk falls, and I lose track of time, I am sure passersby on the street catch a glimpse of me through the window sitting here, hunched over my old Featherweight. Humming a tune to the dogs to keep them entertained just a little bit longer.

And here, right here, this old 1947 Featherweight and I create whimsical creations together.