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Superb old fashioned quality bird toys at reasonable prices. Been looking for trust worthy, safe and beautifully designed lasting bird toys? You have found them!! We design and create our own toys, by experience taught to us by our own birds!! If they don't like it, you won't see it here!! We only sell bird toy designs that are safe, are challenging, look great, and lasted for our own birds. As always, please supervise all play time with new toys, and inspect toys for any hazards created by chewing and preening. Due to all toys being handmade, they will vary in appearance with different shapes of acrylics and wood. No two toys are identical!! Color, safety, texture, durability, shapes and quality go into each and every toy. These toys are a decor that any bird owner would love to display! A parrot's toy dream come true!!

CrackedEggBirdToys' Shop Policies


Our quality and safety are our top priorities in our products. Safety must be continued at the bird owner level too. Creating bird toys is an art form. One must know the intelligence of the avian world and understand their way of thinking. We must create toys with curiosity, intrigue, challenge, boldness, soft comfort, and purpose. Each of these words can take on physical forms in many ways. To combine them together in one toy is an art. My birds have taught me how they perceive these forms, and what triggers their interest. The exotic parrot is an amazing creature. I create for them out of love, honor, and respect for their intelligence and beauty.


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Refunds and Exchanges

We want to protect the health of all of your birds and ours. It's not possible to offer refunds / returns for products that have been opened and presented to other birds. This is for safety and health reasons only, that we can not issue refunds. Thank you for understanding. We know you want only the best, most sanitary products for your birds.

Last Updated May 13, 2011