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The Fibers of Fashion

My grandma sat in her oversized, beige recliner, a wicker basket of yarn at her feet and hook in hand. I couldn't take my eyes off of the way her hands turned one long piece of string into completely different objects, with shape and definition and texture. There were hats, booties, and blankets all finished and set aside.

"Grandma will you teach me how to do that?" I wasn't confident in my ability to learn, but my interest overcame me. She almost immediately took me to the craft store to pick out the yarn I would use to invent new things, the way she had.

I pulled a large skein of Super Saver blue and brown yarn off the shelf. It wasn't very pretty, it wasn't very soft, but it caught my eye. So, we set to work.

She began with what seemed a simple baby blanket, but my loops twisted and tangled; I couldn't find my stitches and frustration flooded my hands as I attempted to hide my mistakes.

Grandma took my "blanket" piece, pointed to my mistakes and slowly unraveled my shoddy attempt. "Here, try again. We'll get this right." She handed the significantly smaller swatch back to me and I set to work again. A few more unraveling sessions got the lesson impressed in my mind and I was able to work without supervision.

Enough time had passed and I wanted to take on a bigger challenge. I researched current fashions, modified patterns to suit my fancy, and taught myself more and more stitches to incorporate. My hands are always stitching on projects with new shapes, definitions, and textures. I've found myself addicted to the relaxation of creativity! And no one can stop it.

It begins with a piece of string, a little bit of patience, and a fantastical idea before I Craft Like Wild.
Alicia Wildman
owner, maker, designer, sometimes photographer, model
I'm a young lady with a passion for all things lovely. I believe there is art in everything and I am a firm believer in keeping that drive alive.