Craftzilla Conquers The World

I love a good picnic blanket
Jesse models some knitting --he's a good helper!
Sleep masks to inspire sweet dreams
A newfound love of back stitch occured after working on these pieces
If you have to carry your yoga mat somewhere, it might as well be in style.

Conquering the World, one craft at a time

I've always been a crafter of many hats, and I could never pick just one medium or manner of crafting over all others. So instead of looking at this as a weakness, I chose to look at it as a strength.

Craftzilla Conquers the World originally started out as a blog where I could share all of my crafty adventures and exploits, and evolved into a shop as the amount of crafty things I was producing started to take over my apartment.

I make things out of re-purposed materials when I can, and try to make objects that are useful, beautiful and that I'd use in my own home.
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Hi, I'm Gillian! I'm a lover of all things crafty, reused and beautiful! I love taking photos, sewing, cooking tasty food, crafting, knitting and my adorable dog Jesse.