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Flutes it makes me smile, and yes giving the gift back that was given to me is here ...May peace fill your life ,love be in your lungs and come out in form of flute music
Crazy Bear

How I price my flutes >>> It is simple equation when working on Native American flutes I charge 25.00 per hour, plus materials .This is considered low when most shops are at 60.00 and up per hour you say why , I have some $5K-6K in tools and $3K in woods at any given time . You are also paying for the knowledge that I have after 25 + years as a Master renovation carpenter .
I am not a person who has a router ,tape measure and sander making your flute I have fully stocked shop, 4 foot lathes ,6+ hand power saws, 7+ power sanders ,burners, moto tools, files, chisels, and a whole lot more. Computer wood programs with 9,000 woods in inventory telling me everything you/ I need to know about the wood, That I pick for flutes, If the flute will sound good or not from the start . I have a medical degree and keep a close eye on wood toxicity,densities also this is why I never dip my flutes with natural Tung oils you are asking for a bacteria to grow in the SAC (slow air chamber) the oil needs be rubbed in and extra oils removed you cannot do this to the slow air chamber . It needs be hand rubbed on taking at least week .Even if you do not want one of my flutes, I suggest you not get a natural finish that is dipped .
I do not charge for the hours spent getting/ looking /searching for the best quality wood at affordable pricing .or the hours spent researching testing different methods . Each one of my flutes are made one at a time woods are hand picked . I do this for the love of my craft and the artistry involved , the culture .. Not all my flutes are listed here just goggle crazybearflutes , to see a full inventory of flutes in stock or Bing pictures of flutes sold in the past . I have sold just under 600 in the almost 5 years I have been making flutes in every region on the planet earth .
I am not a writer and suffer from a form of Dyslexia do to a mugging/beating I got on the way home from a nursing job (career) in 2004. I was told in 2006 to pick up and play a musical instrument to help with memory. I did, the NAF and now 5 years later some 600+ flutes sold to every region in the world .
My flutes have played for Noble prize winners ,children's hospitals, weddings ,funerals and even for the animals at the Houston TX zoo once a year I donate flutes to people in need at crisis centers woman abuse centers . I am not out to get rich but to share a gift that was taught/given to me over many many years .
Well thanks for reading my posting and hope to here from you soon special orders welcome and may take 2 weeks I accept all major credit cards pay pal.
Crazy Bear

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