CrazyQuiltHomestead is taking a short break.

Turning into a long dry summer! We are off scampering around finding winter hay for the sheep. If you need to contact us please email the sheep at ryan3 [!at] or visit them at ! Thank you for your patience! Smooches from the sheep!

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CrazyQuiltHomestead's Shop Announcement

Home of Crazy Quilt Handspun Yarn & Animal Friendly Wool!

Animal Friendly Fiber?? You bet!
Animal friendly’, in our case means that our animals are safely grazing the rest of their lives away here at our farm, on pastures, never separated from their ‘families’ and friends. They are not eaten, sold, given away or allowed to have babies—unless they arrive here pregnant of course! They are part of our family and our biggest blessing. Their happiness and good care are our utmost concern.

We have dedicated our lives to what we feel is an honorable and ethical animal rescue/sanctuary. We love our animals beyond words. We hope you will find our pricing structure very fair and our products are of the best sheepy quality!! We are not in this for the money, but rather to find a way to keep our farm in business so that we may continue to provide shelter for the many animals who may otherwise not have a chance to live out the remainder of their lives in peace.
The sheep generally get a fiber update done every Monday or Tuesday so keep an eye out!

You can also visit the sheep at:

Crazy Quilt you ask? The name of our shop, and cornerstone of our business was inspired by my great grandmother Emma Lamp- a very talented crazy quilt artist and rug braider. Her colors were crazy to be sure, and her work exquisite!

All my handspinning and fiber/dye work is inspired by my grandmother's work. She was a free spirit and I adored her. I hope she is proud of my work.... and the sheep too! ;0)

***Please note that we have just started jacketing our sheep in winter to keep hay out of their fleeces. Until we get them all jacketed each winter, please do not be offended if you find a bit of 'character' in our fiber- there will never be an overabundance of debris, but since we do not chemically treat our wool, you may find a little here and there- please know we work very hard to only provide you the best wool from each sheep!! Please consider it a little 'character' from some very happy sheep- who delight in not paying attention to our clean fleece 'rules'.... bwaaahahahaha!