CreatevePath's Shop Announcement

I started Create've Path while living in Okinawa, Japan were I got inspired by the uniqueness of the Okinawan Coral and I found a way to express myself using the beach combed treasures creating Beach Art, my scope of work is utilizing of all natural materials.
My work and art thrived in Okinawa and was well appreciated and widely accepted at bazaars and gift shops show casing my unique creations and Sea Glass Jewelry.
I use only genuine tumbled Sea glass for my Jewelry Creations and beach combed by myself on Okinawa and the adjacent Ryukyu Islands, or on the Japanese Shoreline of the northern Pacific. I was fortunate enough to bring back all my Glass and Coral and I will keep creating and sharing my treasures. The Glass I collected in northern Japan comes mostly from antique Japanese Glass floats used in the early 1900’s until late 60’s eventually the free blown or molded Glass floats got disconnected from the Fishing nets and floated for decades in the Pacific and they got broken and tumbled in the Ocean for years and the rest is history. I am thrilled looking at the unique colors of my glass since the Glass blower were using recycled glass and it crated the most unique colors. I am so happy I had this opportunity to live in Japan for 6 years and now I can share my treasures with folks they appreciate the special treats in live as much as I do.