CreationsByFrannie's Shop Announcement

This is a new era for Creations by Frannie. We are now able to give you a tremendous variety of directions you may want to go in the direction of gift giving, that we didn't have before. Prior to today we were able to give you a Nice 3D Matte sized 11 X 14 with our beautiful personalized art backgrounds and now we are involved with a variety of new directions to give you many choices you may like to go, for instance:
Now we have an entirely new exciting 3D Matte sized 12 X 20. It has a place on the left side to put in a personalized art background as we had before sized 11 x 14 but in addition to that it extends out to complete a size 12 X 20 so that you have on the right side of it a place to put a picture sized 5 X 7 of the gift bearer that we are referring to in the art background. The picture should be a 5 X 7 and that you will have to put it in yourself.This is extremely easy to put in with 2 tiny pieces of scotch tape. . You can get this gorgeous frame sized 12 X 20 and embellishes the entire display gorgeously.
This same Matte can be done for the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard with their own Logos.
This same Matte can be done for a Mom and you can put a picture of mom in it.
This same Matte can be for for Dad and you can put a picture of Dad in it.
This same Matte can be for a Newborn, Sister, Brother,Grandmother,Grandfather,anyone in the immediate Family and this can go on and on for Weddings, Entire Wedding Party, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Pets, Pets that past on (Rainbow Bridge). The ideas are exhausting and we have gorgeous poetries for all of the above with many choices of appropriate art backgrounds for you to choose from and they are interchangeable with our poetry. As a matter of fact, we have over 250 art backgrounds to choose from. These are all beautiful works of art to be so proud of and those you give these gorgeous pieces will never forget what you have done for them. A gift worth giving.
This is a gift for entire families, relatives and Business Associates that will be kept and passed on down the line for generations. This is our prized gifts and an honor to do for everyone. I am so excited over this and you will be also. The prices are quite reasonable for whatever is affordable to you and we have many directions you may go so that your gift is affordable to you. Now we have everything possible for any occasion possible. If for any reason you do not see what you may want, just ask and we will set it up for you and show you before any purchase.

Regular 3D Matte 11 X 14 is --------------------------------------------------$19.95.

With the 3D Matte Framed 11 X 14 is ---------------------------------------$34.95

New type 3D Matte 12 X 20 with picture on the right is:----------------$29.95

With the beautiful frame 12 X 20 is-------------------------------------------$47.95

Choose and send me an E Mail and I will price accordingly. Thanks so much!!!
creationsbyfran [!at]