Hand Knitted Wire Jewelry with Sea Glass & Other Gems

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Within the loops I can find the calm.
There is a fire with in us all. To love, to live and to be happy.
Challenging myself to new and different things.
Inspiration can be found anywhere!

Creating Something Beautiful With A Mess Of Wire

Creating art for me has always been a way to escape. I have always found myself having ideas and never enough time to do them all. Being a mother of two children with medical problems I am in a constant state of getting thru the unimaginable. I feel like that the very idea of wrapping the wire and creating something from nothing takes my stress away. Almost as if I do have control over something, when in reality I don’t have control over other things in my life. I feel empowered to do more and challenge myself to do more. What others see as me having patience to do such work is me really trying to find patience. It is almost as if the constant looping of the wire is slowly calming me.
I do have a tendency to move from one project to another in different mediums. I have been working on my painting and photography skills but keep finding myself back into the wire. Lately I find myself immersed in wire. I never seem to have enough and can’t get enough of it. When I do create I love playing with colorful glass and capturing it within wire. I also love to look at in the way in which wire can take form from what is just a straight line. I have never liked straight lines. I once jokingly said after taking a CAD drawing class that it is not for me. It did not have enough freedom and too many straight lines! Some of my new sculptural pieces like “Fire Wire” deal with layers and everyday shapes.
My goals for the future are to incorporate more pieces that make you think and are full of layered ideas as well as wire forms. My jewelry line of work will be incorporating more metalsmithing together with wire. I will also be working more on natural shapes and creating them in wire.
Melissa Eager
owner, maker, designer, curator
Artist and Creator of Creative Art By ME. I am a mother of two and a lover of art. I am rarely without my sketchbook and always full of ideas. I have created a line of work for both you and the home and my current obsession is wire,sea glass and PMC.
Bethany Biggs
maker, designer, Mental Support

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