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~One of a Kind Wearable Art for Powerful Self Expression~

"Unlimited Design Potential by Willow"


Exceptional for Weddings, Festivals, Lingerie Play, Art Shows, Fantasy & Costume Events, Burning Man, Photo Shoots, Parties, Performance & Play!

All of my headdresses are one of a kind, wearable art pieces. I don't offer replicas of any pieces, however if you see a photo of one I've made that you'd like similar, I can draw from that, but they will be wonderfully different. All of my headdresses are made with great attention to detail, using many unique elements that are not easy to find, making your headdress special down to the smallest detail. Every headdress is lightweight & secure to wear. I use multiple methods to ensure every aspect of the headdress is durable, and well-made.

I don't have a routine in headdress making at all, it's more like always a new experiment every time. I've never made a headdress that was easy or something I was used to. Every new piece is a new challenge, and I love that! Sometimes I see a complete headdress in my mind, then I create it in a few days. Other times I desire to create something that seems "impossible". Many times I have a single element, such as a silk orchid, a sparkling, vibrant jewel or some gorgeous feathers that inspire a whole headdress by their color, shape or design. Some headdresses take a very long time to complete, as I sometimes have to search for the perfect details. I've had some I worked on a little bit at a time for months. I've also had times where I was taken over by creating a headdress, where it just comes out of me in a day. A very long day :) Most of the time, it takes a few days of work, many days of contemplation, equaling an average creation time of 1-2 weeks. I work in my humble, magical studio of golden draping fabrics, sparkling lights, inspirational & beautiful artwork, and dozens of headdresses usually listening to GlamRock, 80's, Soul, Punk or Folk music on Pandora. When the moon is visible, I open my drapes real wide and let the moonlight in. It has a delightful effect on my artistic perspective. That's my process, sweet, soulful & a new creation, a new experience every time.


I am a professional floral designer, an old soul, a creative thinker, an appreciator of possibilities, and I adore making headdresses. I use my experience & skills learned with flowers, and having always been artistic to make high quality, well made, one of a kind pieces of art for Powerful Self Expression. My work has often been called "transforming". That is a beautiful thing to see, when someone simply tries on one of my headdresses, their face lights up, their energy & enthusiasm about themselves is heightened. I wish everyone would wear them every day :) I've been designing headdresses for about 4 years now, and I feel they keep getting better. Always inspired by new ideas, new headdresses are being born all the time. Please contact me about additional items available not listed on Etsy, or for your very own custom order. All my headdresses are one of a kind, and made with love & a passion for expression. Proud Member of the Indie Free Spirits Team!


*BRIDAL HEADDRESSES are just that, intended for brides! A magnificent accessory that will convey your beautiful individuality. These can be made in virtually any style, and will always be one of a kind, just for you <3

*UNISEX HEADDRESSES Includes many styles all suitable for Men & Women!

*HEADBANDS / HAIR CLIPS Made for adults, but smaller ones look great on kids!

*FASCINATORS are kinda like small hats, a stylish & timeless teardrop cap that clips into your hair. Re-popularized most recently at the Royal Wedding

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