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Unique, beautiful trees, family trees and others, created using life-sized, real leaf rubbings from trees in Co. Kerry. Using names and birth-dates of your family, I create each tree canvas by incorporating the leaf associated with each birthday ... for instance, January is the Birch tree.

A family tree begins with parents as the lower branches and the children, and grandchildren, spreading out in order from oldest to youngest.
I can also add grandparents leaves on the ground by exposed roots, representing the root of the family tree.
Whatever your family, I can create a tree for you. Half siblings, step siblings, non-blood relatives, pets .. all sorts make up a family, so whatever yours is, let's make it a tree.

I do wedding canvases which feature two trees, two lives, joining together in light and life. Where the trees join I create a heart of the branches, complete with celtic knot if that style suits your happy couple.
I have also just begun doing wedding guest fingerprint trees - branching out ! ;o)

My latest addition has been name plaques, particularly nice for a baby {or child} with an Irish or Gaelic name or any other unusual name or spelling.

PLEASE NOTE All I ask is that you please be prepared to hang your canvas safely out of reach of small hands {or pet paws} once you receive it. Thank you.

With regard to the family trees - if you think you may {or your recipient may} add to your/their family PLEASE let me know ahead of time so I can leave room to add more people. If you add within five years of receiving your art, I will happily add your new addition for free, you simply pay the shipping cost.

6" x 8" name plaques are 15 euro or 15 dollars.
14" x 14" canvases are 60 euro or 65 dollars. This size can usually accommodate up to five names.
16" x 20" canvases are 75 euro or 90 dollars. These are rectangular and used for the wedding trees.
20" x 20" canvases are 90 euro or 120 dollars.
I am happy to create larger pieces also.

Get in touch with your ideas and I'll sketch out a preliminary tree and we can finetune it together.

I love creating this celtic tree-inspired art, let me produce one for you.

I am very proud to be a member of the Etsy Ireland Team!
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Please also check out Mary's Meals, a phenomenal charity feeding hungry children in schools around the world. 10% of every purchase from Ha'penny Trees goes directly to Mary's Meals.