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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Frequently Asked Questions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Q. How many days takes time to ship to International?

A. In average, about 3-5 days by super fast shipping, 5-8 days by speed shipping, 9-12 days by normal shipping to most of Europe.

4-7 days by super fast shipping, 7-10 days by speed shipping, 2 weeks by normal shipping to USA.

More days to other countries.

Christmas time is takes more time than usual. If you want to order for christmas gift, I recommend to purchase within November.

Q. Do I need to pay tax for customs?

A. Usually do not need to pay tax because we ship it by normal envelope.
But if you order big quantity, we ship it by box, tax may charged depend of country you live.
In my personal experience, I did not paid tax in USA and most of Western European country.

Q. How do you make patches?

A. Owner/Organizer/Designer create design of crop circle and sacred geometry pattern, edit by compyter.
Most of time traveling everywhere.

Send design to co-workers in Nepal.
They use special sewing machine and their hand skill to make beautiful patches.

From Nepal, ship it to Romania.
Shipper organize shipping to you.

Q. I received different patch than I ordered.

A. Please contact us and ship it to us. We will send it to you again.

Q. Can I buy wholesale?

A4. Yes. you can find different quantity of wholesale unit in wholesale category. you can sale it in your shop or festivals.

Q. Is it good to sale in festival?

A. Yes. Super easy to sale.
Owner/Designer was traveling all over the world just by selling patches in festivals.

Wholesale unit is made for sale in festivals.
Calculated as perfect amount to not hold stock.
It's mean selling well design is more, selling less design is less.
In the end you finish to sale equally.
You don't need to worry to have to much stock in your hand and can not sale.

There is country selling well and not.

Everywhere in North California is best place to sale.
Festival in Europe and Australia also pretty good. But you need to choose which festival to go.

Japan is ok. I always sale more than cost of enjoy festivals but not so good as other western countries.

Q. Can I use your patch for part of design of my cloth for sale?

A. Yes. please do it. if you send me link and picture, I try to make advertise it.

Q. Can you make custom order of different design, size, color?

A. No. We don't do that.

Q. I like that design of that color but its sold out. when do you have new stock? Can I make reservation?

A. It's difficult to tell you when. And do not accept reservation for this moment. Sorry for that. please come check every once in while.

Q. I ordered long time ago but not arrived yet.

A. Please contact us. we will figure out how to make you happy :)

Q. Color is bit different than I saw it in picture.

A. Yes. its happen sometime because every computer and operation system has different color profile. also depend of how old is your display.
We can't do anything for this problem.

Q. Is this patch iron on?

A. No. you need to sew it on or glue it. there is many nice fabric glue exist.

Q. What is the ultimate answer for all the questions?

A. Love!